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ConnCAT Place - Redevelopment of Dixwell Plaza

ConnCORP is investing in redevelopment at Dixwell Plaza in the Dixwell/Newhallville section of New Haven. Starting with the 20,000 ft2 former C-Town grocery store location—which has been vacant for more than a decade—ConnCORP will renovate and reconfigure the site to include retail, commercial, and residential use. Dixwell Plaza’s centralized and visible location enhances the property’s opportunities for multiple uses and offers ready access for residents.


Plans for the Dixwell Plaza site include affordable mixed-income housing, accessible start-up office and incubator space, a diverse retail plan that can support the needs of immediate residents while also drawing outside customers, and arts-oriented options such as a performance space and pop-up art galleries. ConnCORP is designing the site to be pedestrian-friendly, safe, and attractive, with features that make the project both economically sound and environmentally sustainable. ConnCORP is engaging regularly with community members and leaders about the project, thus ensuring plans meet the needs of local residents and provide long-term success for the property.