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Our Mission

Building a New Haven where everyone has the opportunity to succeed

The Dixwell and Newhallville sections of New Haven face severe unemployment, underinvestment, and inadequate access to essential goods and services. The mostly minority neighborhoods are marked by underdeveloped commercial and retail corridors, and more than a third of families live below the poverty line.

ConnCORP seeks to drive economic development in these sections of the city by investing in local commercial and residential real estate. The objective is to deliver well-planned multiuse real estate investment, which can help stabilize the local economy, provide affordable goods and services, and create local jobs.

Together, ConnCAT and ConnCORP seek to transform the New Haven urban landscape to provide broader economic opportunity for all of New Haven’s citizens.

ConnCORP’s Corporate Objectives

Establishing successful community development operation to plan, manage, and execute commercial and residential real estate transactions.
Establishing successful food and beverage business including restaurants, catering, products, and retail operations.
Developing a successful business incubator with investment pool.
Successfully fundraising for the development of a community investment fund to support ConnCAT’s long- term mission.

Leadership & Governance

The Connecticut Center for Arts & Technology (ConnCAT) is the single shareholder for ConnCORP. Financial benefits accruing from ConnCORP’s investment activities are leveraged to support ConnCAT programs and further its mission.

ConnCAT’s board of directors governs and advises ConnCORP’s activities. In addition, a credentialed management team and advisory board oversees ConnCORP’s investment plans. The extensive background and experience of the board’s members provides a competent and diversely skilled team uniquely positioned to execute and deliver on ConnCORP’s mission.

Management Team & Advisory Board

Erik Clemons

Chairman of the Board (ConnCORP) | President & CEO (ConnCAT)

Carlton Highsmith

Vice Chair, Secretary, & Treasurer (ConnCORP) | Chairman of the Board (ConnCAT)

Paul McCraven

CEO & President (ConnCORP)

Ilaa Agarwal

Chief Financial Officer (ConnCORP)

Gideon Gebreyesus

Vice-President of Food and Beverage Operations (ConnCORP) | Head of Restaurant Concepts (ConnCORP)

Yves Joseph

Real Estate Development Advisor (ConnCORP)

How is ConnCORP Funded


ConnCORP’s initial investment activities are funded through ConnCAT, with support from partners including the Responsible Investment for Social Change (RISC) Foundation and the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven. Sustained investment returns on ConnCORPactivities will be leveraged to further ConnCAT’s mission, including continued economic development.

How To Contribute


ConnCORP welcomes inquiries about working with us to invest in New Haven’s future. Contact us or call ConnCAT at (203) 823-9823 for more information.